TV Signal Booster
Alliance AB series

The Ohio-based Alliance Company was better known for electromechanical devices; TV antenna rotators and garage-door openers. Their AB series of signal boosters in the early 1950s was a complement to the antenna rotator product line, and in fact used the same bakelite slope-front cabinet. To further tie the products together, the AB boosters were advertised as "Tenna-Scope" and the rotators "Tenna-Rotors."

The circuit is the familiar permeability-tuned 6J6 type, with separate tubes for high and low band tuning, with a selenium rectifier providing plate voltage through a transformer. The wedge-shaped cabinet meant the rather cramped chassis inside was a little oddly shaped, and replacing a tube was cumbersome. Alliance marked units with a number following the AB over the product's several year life, but I've not seen any discernable difference among them. There were the usual variations, mostly in dial color and knob type, that were typical of many consumer electronics products.

Updated October 18, 2011