TV Signal Booster
Turner TV-2
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The Turner Microphone Company, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, started out in 1931 making PA systems and grew to be one of the top microphone makers in the US. (They also were the largest maker of embalming machines!) Like many companies, they got into the TV booster business in 1951 as a way of expanding their product line (and probably in response to the fact that Cedar Rapids was a long way from the nearest TV station). You can read more about the Turner company at

This nicely-made and -styled booster was the company's second, probably introduced in 1952. Like its predecessor, it has continuous tuning, but with larger knobs and a more conventional bakelite cabinet. The ability to tune the FM radio band and the Ham 6- and 2-meter bands was a minor selling point for continuous-tuning boosters like this. Turner was not able to solve the problem of non-linear tuning, resulting in the upper channels being compressed into the rightmost inch of the dial.

Updated February 12, 2004