Items for sale

My collection has grown by leaps and bounds, and this, combined with my natural tendency to acquire old electronics, has led to a crisis at home. Im almost out of space! (My wonderful wife would say Id run out of space quite a while ago, but as long as theres a navigable path to the clothes dryer, she wont comment too much.)

So, its time to clean house! Below are links to pages of stuff that I have for sale. Some of these things work, most are in various levels of disrepair. Ive tried to describe them accurately, and offer a picture link. All are offered "as-is," with shipping paid by you, unless you want to stop by and pick it up in person, or meet me at one of the electronic flea markets here in Eastern Massachusetts.

The page of TV Boxes for sale vintage TV boosters and UHF converters.

The page of Old Radios for sale vintage tube-type radios and stuff.

The page of Miscellaneous Stuff for sale computers, CBs, books, who knows what-all.

If you have any questions or want to purchase something here (pleasepleaseplease), just email me (