Silvertone R1181

Front and back views, pretty much as I received it. I did a little dusting, and cut off the rotting power cord. There's a 6E5 eye tube behind the camera flash glare at the top of the dial. It's a 4-band radio, but some of the band choices are pretty narrow. The dial drive cord is off its pulleys and it looks like a bear to restring it -- it's a short but twisted path. And where will I find grill cloth like that?

Here's a closeup of the back of the power transformer. Uh-oh! That trail of congealed goo does not bode well. We'll see... Maybe it's just that there's a 5U4 tube (3A filament current) in a socket intended for a 5Y3 (2A filament current). Or maybe the filter caps got so leaky they overloaded the rectifier. Or...

July 24, 2002