Separated at birth?

My "Aeronautic" radio and similar models seen on ebay.


"Mantola," "Sonora" and "Knight" radios

Note the identical speaker grilles, dials and knob placement, as well as the cabinet shape. The Knight's added tuning eye could have been an aftermarket item (along with the paint job!). The Mantola and Sonora apparently have an honest original finish. The Sonora's knobs appear the same as the Aeronautic's as well.

Admiral Truetone
Admiral Truetone

These Admiral and Truetone sets have different grille designs but everything else seems to be the same as my Aeronautic, including the stepped end panels and oval nameplate.

The chassis for many of these radios are stamped "F-5" and seem to have have the same tube and component layout. The Truetone is clearly labeled "RPC," standing for Radio Products Company of Chicago, a maker of radios sold under lots of different brands. These examples will help in my restoration of the Aero. The white paint and the handle will have to go! The Aeronautic's painted-over grill cloth seems to be a fine silk-like material that will be hard to replace.