UHF Converter
GE UHF-101 Translator

Photo courtesy Chuck at http://www.myvintagetv.com

This is General Electric's only known foray into UHF converters. It was introduced in 1951 (before the UHF channels were authorized), and likely was produced only in late 1952 or early 1953, since the dial only has frequency markings and not TV channels. GE called its FM and UHF converter products "translators," which is accurate, since they do translate (shift) the input frequency to a new (lower) frequency. This large wooden-cabinet unit has two tubes: a 6AF4 oscillator and a 12AT7 IF amplifier. The cabinet is unusually deep and narrow.

I've used the photo of Chuck's UHF-101 since his unit is prettier; I'll restore the cabinet on mine based on his.

Updated February 10, 2004