Radio Receptor UHF Converter Clones

Silvertone 6951
(Sears Roebuck)
(Western Auto Stores)
Dewald G-300, H-300 Co-Ax

Like the Mallory TV-101, the Radio Receptor C1709-P UHF converter seems to have been cloned by a number of different manufacturers. I attribute the design to Radio Receptor, since it was a long-established company by the early '50s, but the cabinet is that of a Dewald model 616 table radio. The tuning electronics subassembly is labeled "Cavi-Tuner" (model C101) and has the usual 6AF4 oscillator and a 6BK7 IF amp. The 6X4 tube rectifier is a bit unusual, since most other converters of the period used selenium rectifier stacks, and Radio Receptor had a division that made those!

The construction is quite robust (read: heavy) and the circuit must have used high quality components, since of the half-dozen or so Radio Receptor converters I've owned, most of them still work well. Pretty good for 50+ year old electronics!

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Updated March 2, 2016