Variations on the Mallory TV101

or, The Gallery of TV101 Clones

The Mallory TV101 UHF converter was one of the first units on the market when UHF TV broadcasting was authorized by the FCC in late 1952. The P.R. Mallory Co. had been building tuners for TV manufacturers for some time, and had anticipated the arrival of UHF with this converter. Other manufacturers either didn't have the engineering talent in-house to create their own UHF tuner or converter, or weren't far enough along in their designs to have a product ready for sale. Many turned to Mallory, which was happy to sell them their unit with a different nameplate. The solid circuit (a little hard on the 6AF4 oscillator tubes, I'm told) and classic good looks made it an easy choice.

Below are some of the TV101s that were offered for sale under other names.

Arvin 3000     Alliance AC-80

Sylvania C33M     CBS-Columbia

Silvertone 6950 (Sears, Roebuck & Co.)     Sparton

Mall-Ex     Crosley DU-UHFP

Sutco 23A     Montgomery-Ward

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Updated March 4, 2011